LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help available for finals week

Kendrick Bryan

Quizlet.com, a free study tool, was created in October 2005 by a fifteen-year-old student named Andrew Sutherland.

The site now receives 600,000 visits a day. Sutherland recently revealed to VentureBeat.com that his site sees 6 million unique visitors each month. WKU students should consider using Quizlet.

Final examinations will be given next month, and students will need help remembering key terms and concepts. On the site, members can create flashcard sets, discuss the terms and play study games. In test mode, users can create tests using the uploaded terms.

Members can choose from several question types including written, matching, multiple choice and true/false. In speller mode, the user can use audio to type what he or she hears. Scatter mode is a favorite among my high school students.

In this game, users drag corresponding items onto each definition. The Student Government Association encourages students to be prepared for final examinations. The SGA also has a partnership with WKU Libraries to extend library hours during finals week.

The Academic Advising and Retention Center is located in Downing University Center and is also free for students to use. Visit wku.edu/advising/ for information.

If students only have final projects to complete, the Writing Center is a useful resource. Visit wku.edu/writingcenter/ to learn how the Writing Center can help students through individual conferences.

Visit wku.edu/registrar/academic_calendars/spring_final_schedule.php to view the spring final exam schedule. The SGA will also buy more Scantrons and Blue Books to provide the items for free in our office in DUC.

—Kendrick Bryan, SGA Executive Vice President

Elizabethtown, Ky.