Stroll off allows non-Greeks to showcase talents

Zeta Phi Beta was the opening act at the Zeta Non-Greek Stroll Off at Downing University Center Saturday evening. The event raised money for Zeta. Teams performed a mixture of step and hip hop dance moves. Dope Pack took the prize money as the winners of the event.

Hayley Hilbert

Downing University Center auditorium was alive and loud Friday night as Zeta Phi Beta hosted its first Non-Greek Stroll Off.

Nashville senior Chanell Haley, committee chairperson for the event, described a stroll as a dance or routine done by Greeks at parties and events, but wanted to give non-Greek students a chance to join the fun.

“I feel that it gives non-Greek students a chance to participate in an aspect of Greek life where they may seem excluded,” Haley said. “It also unites Greek and non-Greek unity on campus.”

All proceeds of the event went to Barren River Area Safe Space.  

“We feel that this is a great organization and they do so much to help women in need and are doing great things for them,” Haley said.

As the doors to the event opened, many attendees mentioned they came out to support students they knew performing in the stroll off.

“We’re going to be in a step show and our coaches are in this,” Richmond freshman Deanna Conner said. “We came out to support them and cheer them on. Plus, it sounded really fun.”

Backstage was full of Greek and non-Greek students alike, practicing their routines one last time before the show began.

Among the non-Greek participants was Louisville freshman Takela Brent, who was making her first appearance in a stroll off.

“This is something that non-Greeks usually don’t have a chance to do,” Brent said. “Tonight, they’re giving us a chance to do it with no problems, so it’s great, I’m excited to have fun with it.”

As the event began to unfold, the crowd became more interactive. Loud cheers filled the auditorium as students encouraged and supported their peers.

The crowd began singing and dancing along at the start of the show, and toward the end of the show some crowd member were joining the fun on stage.

Groups performing in the event were competing for a $200 cash prize, which was awarded to the winners, Dope Pack, at the end of the show.

Haley said that she would like to see the event become an annual event in the future.

“Above all, it allows students to showcase their talents and have fun,” she said.