Bald is beautiful: St. Baldrick’s concludes in high spirits at WKU

Tompkinsville sophomore Gabbi Hagan has her head shaved during St. Baldrick’s Day, an event sponsored by the Omega Phi Alpha Sorority Saturday at Nick Denes Field.

Monta Reinfelde

As eight inches of her long, brunette hair were sheared away, Radcliff sophomore Sabrina Heinrich had no regrets.

Heinrich was one of five women who donated hair at Omega Phi Alpha sorority’s third annual St. Baldrick’s event Saturday evening following the WKU baseball game at Nick Denes Field. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation strives to find a cure for childhood cancer, which is under-researched, according to St. Baldrick’s website.

In addition to the hair donations to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a total of 55 people shaved their heads to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer, including 15 baseball players and two women. A total of $10,148.05 was raised for St. Baldrick’s.

The ultimate goal of the event was to raise $2,500, which was more than quadrupled.

Heinrich decided to donate her hair in memory of her friend who passed away from stage-four melanoma two years ago.

“His death has made me passionate to do everything I can to help find a cure,” she said.

Although she still doesn’t know how she feels about losing so much hair, Heinrich said it was for a really good cause and she would do it all over again.

“It was always sort of a security blanket for me, but it will grow back,” Heinrich said. “It’s worth it.”

One woman who shaved her head on Saturday night was Nichole Sherrell, who said her personal goal was to raise $500. She topped that by collecting $550.

“The shaving was done on the sidelines, but the atmosphere was electrifying,” Sherrell said. “Lots of people were there to support their family and friends.”

Sherrell doesn’t regret participating in the event or getting rid of all her hair. She said she would definitely do it again.

“Right now my head is just cold,” Sherrell said on Saturday. “The game ran long and it got chilly when the sun went down.”

After losing to Florida International in a 12-inning game, members of the team joined the rest of the participants at St. Baldrick’s event and shaved their heads.

“Many people on our team have had cancer cases in their family,” said G.J. Strauss, a sophomore from St. Louis and member of the baseball team. “It’s a good cause to raise awareness.”

This marked the third year the baseball team participated in the event.

“We will do it again next year,” Strauss said.

Elizabeth McKee, OPA mental health committee head and main organizer of the event, said she’s extremely proud of everyone who participated.

“They are truly making a difference in the world,” McKee said. “It’s amazing.”