Thousand Words: March 20, 2012

Kids involved in Parker Bennett Community Center after school program scream “Thank you” to the volunteers that helped them with their St. Patrick’s Day party. The 5 volunteers were WKU students helping with St. Patrick’s Day themed games. The event was open to the community, with about 40 kids ranging from 5 to 13 years of age.

Justin Philalack

“This is a safe place for kids, for parents who have to work,” said Omar Rogers, the Parker Bennett Community Center supervisor.

The center’s after-school program is designed to help parents who have no one to look after their kids during work hours.

“We try to make it a great experience for everyone,” said Sierra McKinney, one of four staff members.

With over 70 kids in the program, the staff uses many volunteers, including WKU students.

The staff and volunteers all have an impact on the children.

“This center gives a lot to kids who do not get a lot,” staff member Rose Clark said.

Rogers said that the community sees the center as a safe environment for the kids and a relief for parents so they can work without worrying about their children.

“We want the kids to have a safe, fun environment,” McKinney said.