Four sororities will fill all rooms in Meredith Hall in fall semester

Murray sophomore Hannah Boone has been living in Meredith Hall for the past two semesters. Boone is a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and has turned her typical dorm room into a room of her own. “I love living with all my best friends,” Boone said.

Sidney Blanford

Sorority women have lined the floors of Meredith Hall since it opened in 1992, said Kit Tolbert, director of Housing Operations.

Meredith Hall will continue to house sorority women for the fall 2012 semester. Tolbert said Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Phi Mu and Alpha Xi Delta sororities have already been granted space.

“Each sorority is responsible for filling their beds with members,” she said. “Now that the hall has four sororities, there will not be room for non-sorority members to live there.”

Louisville sophomore Natalie Broderick is a member of Chi O’s spring 2011 pledge class. Her sorority has a four-semester housing requirement.

“It creates an opportunity to bring sisters closer by living together,” Broderick said.

That is a mutual feeling for Louisville freshman Abby Blandford who will move into Meredith next semester.

Blandford said she is required to complete a two-semester housing requirement as a member of the fall 2011 Phi Mu pledge class.

“I am excited about living in Meredith because there will always be a familiar face in the hall,” Blandford said. “Also, I am excited to get to know my sisters on a more homey level.”

The dorm’s suite-style format allows for four girls to share one bathroom. The carpeted, drywall rooms are available to all upperclassmen with some freshmen exceptions.

“First-time freshmen are not eligible to live in Meredith their first semester,” Tolbert said.

Because the hall is filled with sorority women, Broderick said it is a fun and exciting environment to live in.

“You always know what is going on,” Broderick said.

Not only do residents know what’s going on, Blandford said Meredith Hall also provides convenience when they have meetings. AOPi, Chi O and Phi Mu all have chapter rooms in Meredith that provide the sororities a place to hold meetings and other chapter gatherings.

Despite its perks of bringing together sorority members and providing an exciting, convenient place to live, Meredith Hall is located on the south end of campus. The dorm is the second-most southern dorm on campus after Zacharias Hall.

“I feel a little uneasy about the distance to my classes,” Blandford said.

Tolbert said all sorority members, outside of first-semester freshmen, are able to live in Meredith Hall.

“Each sorority provides a list of members to live in the hall,” Tolbert said.

If interested in living in Meredith Hall, contact your sorority’s housing chair to secure a spot.