Fraternity men to ‘Walk a Mile’

Amanda Young

The men of WKU will hit the streets in high heels on Wednesday for the Interfraternity Council’s annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event.

About 40 men signed up to wear a pair of heels while walking a mile around campus to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence against women.

The walk will begin at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday on Normal Drive, near the Chi Omega house.

“We want to raise awareness to stop rape, violence and sexual assault,” said Phil Korba, IFC’s activities chair. “The money we raise will go to Hope Harbor.”

Hope Harbor is a non-profit organization in Bowling Green that offers support to women who are victims of abuse.

“Walk a Mile is supposed to show women that guys care what is happening to them and that we’re making a stand against the guys who abuse them,” Korba said.

Among the participants is IFC’s president, Bryan Hartzell.

“I’m kind of nervous about walking in heels. I tried on the shoes the other day and it was very uncomfortable,” Hartzell said. “I think it will be a good event. I am excited to see 30 or 40 guys walking all at the same time.”

The event isn’t just for men, however. IFC reached out to sorority women and asked them to buy t-shirts and walk with the participants.

“We are also giving an incentive for the women,” Korba said. “Whichever sorority has the most supporters will get money toward their philanthropy.”

Chris Hancock, IFC secretary, said he hopes to see Walk a Mile continue to grow.

“I did it last year and it was a pretty good time,” Hancock said. “It was my first time last year and I wanted to see what it would grow into this year. Hopefully it will grow into something a lot bigger that everyone on campus will know about.”

Because they had trouble getting men to sign up, IFC postponed the deadline for signing up several times.

“We were trying to make this event bigger than last year,” Korba said. “This is out of the guys’ comfort zone. They don’t want to walk around in red high heels.”

Korba said he hopes that the event will continue and that more and more men will participate.

“I would like to double the participation each year. Or even just add 10 every year,” Korba said. “The more guys you can get to do this the more of an impact we can make.”