LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Administrators should hire people who care about WKU

Kyle MacDonald

Call me naive, but I believe in long-term commitments. I believe that Ray Harper will coach here for a long time, possibly for the rest of his career. I also think Willie Taggart will be head football coach at WKU for longer than most people think. Harper and Taggart are two men who have a deep passion for this university and WKU did a good job in hiring both of them. We need coaches who care deeply about this university, its reputation and its students. Similarly, we’d also need an Athletic Director who cares more about the university than what he’s getting paid. Now, I think very highly of Ross Bjork, and he did a very competent job during his time at WKU. But if we want our coaches to have a high level of commitment to WKU, we should expect the same of our administration. Of course, I see the draw of being the AD of an SEC school, but what’s the point of having a contract if it is going to be broken halfway through? We should expect our high-level administrators to be here for longer periods of time than two years.

We need to hire people who realize the potential of WKU — athletically and academically. WKU is a privilege, not a paycheck.

Kyle MacDonald Goshen, Junior