Headphone Disco kicks off CAB events for the semester


WKU Campus Activities Board started this semester’s events with silence at Thursday night’s Headphone Disco.

Attendees entered into Garrett Ballroom where they traded their IDs at the door for a pair of headphones. The headphones picked up wireless signals from two DJs on stage. Each person could control the music’s volume and alternate between DJ playlists via a switch on the headphone. Everyone could dance to either channel or switch mid-song and those surrounding them would never know.

CAB president Sylvia Reyes experienced her first Headphone Disco at a regional campus activities convention and decided to bring it to WKU.

“We thought it would be a really fun way to kick off the semester,” she said.

The dance drew in roughly 70 people as the night progressed.

Two of the attendees were freshmen Kelsey Sympson and George Batcheldor, who enjoyed their first silent dance party.

“I just wish there were more people,” Sympson said.

Batcheldor said he was disappointed in advertising for the event.

“(CAB) just didn’t really advertise except on Facebook and Twitter,” he said. “I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for that.”

Despite a smaller crowd than anticipated, Reyes said the event was a success.

“An event like this is difficult to publicize, and for this to be the first week of CAB life, (the crowd) is great,” she said. “We got this many people out here on a Thursday night with Facebook, Twitter, and posters.”

Conducting the night were the two DJs who mixed music and artists from Jackson 5 to Drake to Adele.

One of those DJs was Graeme Thomson from Glasgow, United Kingdom. Thomson joined up with Headphone Disco company in April 2011 and has loved it ever since.

“This whole concept came out of necessity, really,” Thomson said. “A guy had a festival and there was a noise curfew on the party… They solved the noise complaints with headphones, but didn’t stop the party.”

Beginning in 2007, the company spread from the UK to the USA. According to their website, Headphone Disco parties can now be found in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Africa, and South America.

WKU’s Headphone Party lasted from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Next event for CAB is a Valentine’s Film double-feature on Sunday, Feb. 12.