Battleship becomes first aquatic intramural in Preston pool

WKU sophomore Dylan Stephens, of Clarksville, Ind., works with his team, Bullsharks, in a battle to stay afloat in a game of Battleship.  WKU’s Intramural Sports held the event for the first time in Preston Center Natatorium on Saturday afternoon.

Hayley Hilbert

Students may have been in for a surprise walking into the Preston Center this morning as the first ever Battleship intramural took place.

The pool was full of canoes as 13 teams took their turns in competing in the water game, filling up buckets of water to fill other canoes, and holding up mats in attempts to keep their own ships from sinking. Students who had already played their round sat soaking wet on the bleachers, laughing and encouraging other teams.

Brandon MacCallum, event adviser and supervisor, said that he wanted to provide students with a new and exciting sport.

“Also, we currently do not offer any intramural sports in the Preston Center Pool,” MacCallum said. “So, we wanted to take advantage of the great facilities that we have.”

MacCallum also thought that the event would appeal to a different crowd of people than those who usually partake in intramural sports.

“This is an non-traditional sport so any student is able to play,” MacCallum said. “We have students who play all of our sports participating and students who have never played intramural sports participating as well.”

Students who participated in the event agree that the Battleship game was unlike anything they had ever done before.

“I decided to play because it just really sounded like a lot of fun,” Louisville sophomore Bailey Mack said. “I had never heard of anything like it.”

Mack also admitted that the concept of keeping the boat afloat is a lot harder than she had anticipated.

“We underestimated how much strategy it actually takes,” Bailey said. “But we went down with pride.”

Captain of the winning team, Bowling Green junior Daniel Stoneburg, high-fived his teammates in victory.

“It was hard to win, but worth it.” Stoneburg said. “It was so much fun. We would definitely do something like this again.”