WKU junior still recovering from fight

Dylan Nonweiler

Spencer Jenkins

Owensboro junior Dylan Nonweiler remains at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in “critical but stable” condition, according to a hosptial spokesperson, after he was involved in a fight near WKU’s campus early Sunday morning.

The incident happened on the 600 block of E. 14th Avenue at about 1:30 a.m., according to police records.

Ronnie Ward, public information officer for the Bowling Green Police Department, said there are two sides to the story.

Nonweiler’s girlfriend, Owensboro junior Ashlee Nickelson, told police that she and Nonweiler were walking home from a party on E. 14th Avenue when a man yelled, “Your girlfriend looks way too good for you!” from inside a car.

Nickelson told police that after Nonweiler responded, three men, each about 20 years old, got out of the vehicle and began punching him.

One of the men punched him so hard in the back of the head that he collapsed, according to the report.

Nonweiler, who was unconscious, was transported to the Medical Center by helicopter, where doctors said he was potentially bleeding from the brain, according to the report.

Another report said Nonweiler started the fight, Ward said.

Whoever police determine was defending themselves may not be charged with assault, he said.

“The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made,” Ward said. “Once we have finished, the case will be turned over to the county.”

Owensboro junior Chase Roberts, a family friend and fraternity brother of Nonweiler in the FarmHouse fraternity, said he and Dylan have been close for a long time.

“I feel there should be arrests made thus far, but I understand that they have to get their facts straight and get their full story before they can make an arrest,” he said.

Nonweiler and Roberts grew up together and went through high school together, Roberts said.

The two friends were roommates last year at the FarmHouse fraternity house and were initiated together.

“Me and him made the decision together to join FarmHouse,” Roberts said. “We talked each other into joining — we came up here together, and we didn’t know a lot of people, so we just followed each other.”

Roberts said the news of the attack was unbelievable.

“I couldn’t grasp it,” he said. “It was shocking to say the least.”

As of Thursday, friends had flooded both Nonweiler’s and Nickelson’s Facebook pages in support of Nonweiler.

Roberts was able to visit him.

“I was able to speak with him Sunday afternoon in the hospital,” he said. “I could talk to him, but he couldn’t respond.

“We’re all standing behind him and hoping for a full recovery.”

Nonweiler’s mother, Jennifer, is asking that everyone pray for the 20-year-old architecture student. She said she appreciates how much FarmHouse has done for her and what a “great group of young men that they are.”

FarmHouse president Stuart Meacham, who has been in contact with Nonweiler’s mother and the hospital, said he is getting better day by day.

Jennifer Nonweiler said in a text message that her son won’t be back in class next week.

“He has a lot of recovering to do, and hopefully we will be home by next week,” she said.

FarmHouse is collecting money from each member as of right now, Meacham said.

“We’re just sending stuff to his mother like a basket of gift cards,” he said. “We’re giving gas cards to his mother, but we can’t do a lot because the bills are expensive.”

Roberts said Nonweiler’s family is an amazing group of people.

“Out of all my friends, he’s had one hell of a past, and he didn’t deserve this at all,” he said. “This is not something him or his family needed.”