SGA approves spring 2012 budget

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association approved its $50,000 spring 2012 budget at Tuesday night’s meeting.

According to the WKU SGA Budget for Spring 2012, the total SGA spring budget is $50,026, with $43,476.17 of the total budget remaining.

“Any spent items that you see are from this semester only,” Chief of Staff Katie Stillwell said. “Last fall’s expenditures are on an entirely different spreadsheet.

“Last fall, we spent approximately $54,000. $15,000 of that was obviously the retroactive payment to Provide-A-Ride.”

The budget is divided into four categories — operations, public relations, executive programming and senate programming.

In the $10,326 operations section, the remaining budget is $4,326. One item SGA is spending money on from this category is student workers to answer phones and file paperwork in the office.

For stipends, SGA has $5,500, which has already been spent.

“The stipends go out at the beginning of every semester,” Administrative Vice President Devon Hilderbrandt said.

“Stipends are paid to members of SGA in leadership positions,” Stillwell said.

Public relations has a total budget of $700, of which SGA has spent $549.29 so far.

Executive programming has a total budget of $28,400, and as of now, the entirety of this fund is remaining. For organizational aid, $10,500 is allotted, and scholarships have $12,000 set aside.

Although SGA recently passed an organizational aid bill, that amount has not been taken out of the organizational aid total on the budget yet.

“When it does get pulled, that’s when I revise it,” Hilderbrandt said. “But I keep up with all organizations that we have and get approved and pull it out that way.”

Discretionary spending, also in the executive programming section, has $5,900 that the executive officers can spend without senate approval. This is the money that can be spent on bluebooks, scantrons and other supplies.

“The reason it’s still so big is because $4,500 has not been switched over yet to CAB for the Cage concert,” Hilderbrandt said.

SGA hasn’t yet paid the money to CAB, the Campus Activities Board, although they have a certain amount of money set aside for the event because SGA is waiting on the exact amount before transferring the funds.

Senate programming has a total of $10,600, with $10,000 going to general senate funding and $600 set aside for extended library hours during finals, none of which has been spent.

SGA has Aramark credit that helps them plan events such as Dine with Decision Makers and their banquet. They have $5,000 in credit, and $1,500 has been spent. SGA has $3,500 left in Aramark credit.