WKU app update released

Hayley Hilbert

With the release of an upgrade last week, the iOS version of the iWKU app makes it easier for students to access transit information.

“The iOS iPhone/iPod version of iWKU Maps module now allows you to see when the next bus departs and arrives from any of the campus locations,” Director of Academic Technology John Bowers said. “The bus schedule module is also now more mobile-friendly.”

The update made additional features available for those using the iWKU app.

“The tours feature and the transit feature are both completely new,” said Paul Birza, who works in the telecom department.

Combined, the new features have greatly improved functionality for campus transit information, Bowers said.

Students who regularly use the app have already started to notice positive changes.

“I noticed the upgrade a few days ago,” Louisville freshman Rachel Good said. “The bus schedule feature is actually really convenient because I don’t have to wing it anymore — I know exactly when the bus is coming.”

Students who use the Android version of iWKU will experience similar updates but not identical ones.

“The transit map on iOS devices is more interactive,” Birza said. “The Android map is more general, whereas the iOS map is more specific. For example, the iOS map will show you where you are.”

Good also said that the new tour feature, which displays a picture and short descriptions of several buildings on campus, could be very helpful to incoming freshmen or new students.    

“It’s very beneficial,” Good said. “I don’t have to worry about being late or leave my dorm really early to make sure I catch the bus. I know everything about my commute just by looking at my phone.”