SGA cancels bus to Frankfort rally due to low attendance; Tuesday night meeting back on

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association will no longer provide a bus to take students to the Rally for Higher Education in Frankfort on Tuesday. Instead, they will try to work out rides through carpooling.

Additionally, because of projected low rally attendance numbers, the meeting for Tuesday night, which was previously canceled, is now back on.

“Since a lot of people weren’t signed up for Rally, I was very discontent about not having something on Tuesday when people weren’t going,” SGA President Billy Stephens said.

As of Friday, only eight people had confirmed they were attending the rally with SGA. Because the bus would cost $1,175, which came down to about $150 per student, SGA decided it would be more cost-efficient to drive cars.

Even though SGA canceled the bus, the university and SGA will still be covering the costs of the drive.

Tuesday won’t be a senate meeting like it usually is. Instead, it will be considered a committee meeting or a “break-out session,” Stephens said.

It will be more informal and more open than the regular meetings. SGA will be brainstorming ideas for legislation. They will be discussing project ideas and how best to use their money. Stephens said they will try to get “more hands on with legislation.”

Stephens said the meeting will probably be about 20-30 minutes as a big group to discuss larger projects and then SGA will break down into smaller committees.