SGA may present first legislation of semester

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association plans to  have its first legislation of the semester prepared for Tuesday’s meeting.

SGA came up with many new legislation ideas at their brainstorming session last Tuesday, SGA President Billy Stephens said. These include installing a new bus stop by Snell Hall, making all parking meters on campus consistent, setting up a print allocation donation system, and a social media safety campaign, among other ideas.

Stephens said the meeting allowed for several rough drafts to be written regarding future legislation.

Possible upcoming SGA initiatives include:

Opposition to SOPA/PIPA

A resolution showing SGA’s opposition to both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), which are intended to address piracy on the internet, may be presented for its first read. Keyana Boka, campus improvements committee head, said it is a “resolution to support an uncensored and economically viable Internet.”

Snell Hall bus stop

SGA is exploring the possibility of getting a new bus stop by Snell Hall. Boka said a stop near Snell Hall has been necessary for some time because the current one is “very broken down” and “not fitting in with the progressive, aesthetic look of campus — like the nice bus stop across from Gary Ransdell Hall.”

Parking meter consistency

Boka said SGA wants the parking meters on campus to be uniform for convenience — for example, making sure all the time limits match.

“We wanted them all to be uniform because it was difficult for many students to discern between their time differences,” Boka said.

Print allocation donation

Natalie Broderick, student affairs committee head, said the idea of sharing print allocation money is still new, and it will take a lot of research to work out. In its tentative state, the plan will allow students who have leftover print allocation money to donate it to students who need it.

“We hope to maybe do a process somewhere along the lines of the Share-A-Swipe idea,” Broderick said.

Social media safety campaign

The social media campaign would be set up to give students tips on how to be safe when posting statuses, pictures and their locations online, Boka said.

“Since we are all getting more and more connected, crime and safety over the Internet has become an increasing issue,” Boka said.

DUC renovations

Students may be able to purchase and label bricks to go on the new DUC building. There would be a limited amount of space to do this, but the bricks would serve “as a lasting mark in a building many of us will not be able to use,” Boka said.

“The DUC brick idea was something I’ve seen at other benchmark schools’ student unions,” Boka said.