FarmHouse philanthropy to raise violence awareness

Spencer Jenkins

FarmHouse Fraternity will host a philanthropy corn hole event called “Throwing Bags Not Punches” on March 17 in order to raise awareness about campus violence and money for brother Dylan Nonweiler.

Nonweiler, a junior from Owensboro, was involved in a fight near campus on Jan. 29 that left him unconscious with brain swelling, according to a Bowling Green Police report.

He continues to recover from the fight at his home in Owensboro, FarmHouse President Stuart Meacham said.

The two have been communicating through text messages during Nonweiler’s recovery at home.

“We’re not going to stand for people getting away with this kind of thing,” Meacham said. “My brother was almost dead — no telling how many more punches would have done it.”

The FarmHouse event will engage not only the Greek community but also the public and local businesses, Meacham said. They want to raise awareness because campus violence needs addressing, he said.

As soon as something happened to Nonweiler, FarmHouse knew it needed to host a philanthropy, Meacham said.

“We were worried about Dylan at first, but once he was getting on the recovery side we went ahead with the philanthropy,” he said.

The corn hole tournament will be geared toward the Greek community while other events, including a silent auction, will grab members of the community, he said.

All money raised through the philanthropy event will go to Nonweiler’s family to help pay medical expenses and other bills, Meacham said.

No arrests have been made in the case, said Ronnie Ward, public information officer for BGPD.