Removed senator reappointed to SGA

Taylor Harrison

A senator who was removed from the Student Government Association last semester for excessive absences has been reappointed to the senate.

Louisville sophomore Kevin Adams has returned to the senate after his removal last semester. Adams said that he’s less busy this semester and has more time for SGA.

SGA President Billy Stephens, who brought Adams back through a presidential appointment, said Adams overbooked himself last semester.

“Sometimes you just kind of overburden yourself, and he did, but he’s free this semester and we’d love to have him back,” Stephens said. “He has a bunch of great ideas.”

Adams and Stephens are good friends and stayed close even after Adams was removed, Stephens said.

Stephens said that Adams helped come up with a lot of ideas when he was previously in SGA — ideas such as pushing public relations more, sponsoring athletic games and making sure SGA is visible on campus.

“He was always really still involved, even when he was gone he was always asking about stuff and you know, staying up with current legislation,” Stephens said.

Adams said he is a lot more organized this semester and will have time for SGA because he is taking fewer hours and cutting back on other activities.

“Last semester, I just had a lot more going on,” Adams said. “It was just trying to get more order in my life and get more organized.”

Adams said he always wanted to come back to SGA because he loves it. He’s been involved with student government since elementary school and has always wanted to take part in it at the college level.

As for his removal last semester, Adams said there were requirements he did not meet and he was removed because of that.

“That semester was a transition semester, so this semester is something new and something better,” Adams said.

David Spalding, chief justice, said even though Stephens didn’t need his approval to appoint Adams, they had a discussion about the situation. The judicial branch deals with senators who fail to attend meetings.

“Once he affirmed with Billy that he had the time necessary for SGA, then Billy felt it would be appropriate to re-appoint him,” Spalding said.

Spalding also said there is no rule in SGA’s constitution stating that removed senators cannot be brought back into the senate.

Adams said he hopes to write bills this semester and make a positive change on campus.

“Just trying to make a difference on campus in any way possible — that’s what I want to do,” Adams said.