SGA to launch transcript voucher program

Taylor Harrison

Students will now get a little more help when it comes time to apply for scholarships and graduate school.

The first bill passed at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday night allocated $1,225 for transcript vouchers. According to the bill, students typically apply for scholarships, jobs, and graduate and professional school, which often require transcripts, during the spring semester.

This program would allow students to get copies of their official transcripts for free. A total of 175 vouchers will be available with a limit of two per student.

A second bill passed regarded funding for Study Away scholarships. The bill granted $500 from general senate funding to create scholarships, which will create five $100 scholarships.

Additional $2,300 in funding for Scholar Development Grant Awards and Study Abroad Awards was allocated. This will help fund students participating in student research, conferences and study abroad programs. The bill also listed the recipients of the grants and how much money went to each student.

An organizational aid bill that received its first read at the meeting, if passed, will allocate funding to various organizations. These organizations are: Honors Abroad Alumni, Student Identity Outreach, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Western Kentucky Communication Organization for Graduate Students and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (Fiji). The bill would allocate $2,400 total.

Also, the new version of SGA’s off-campus housing website went live Monday night.