COMMENTARY: Solving parking woes should be a priority

Lindsey Hubbard

On Saturday, January 21, 2012, I went to WKU’s Bowling Green campus to pick up my books for the spring semester, which started on Monday, January 23. When I arrived on campus, I noticed that WKU was hosting a men’s basketball game, wherein, all parking next to DUC had been reserved (including the parking structures and any metered parking in that vicinity). 

I am a senior at WKU, and a majority of my tuition has been paid with student loans over my duration at Western. I pay approximately $4,000 a semester to attend WKU in order to obtain my bachelor’s degree. I’ve also purchased a $90 parking permit that allows me to park in the parking structure. 

However, I was told on this particular day that none of that mattered. I was told if I wanted to park in any of the lots close to DUC (including the metered parking areas), I would have to pay an additional $8 parking fee. A parking fee?! I’ve already paid $90 for a parking pass! I explained to the parking attendant (who was a student just doing his job) that I only needed to be in DUC long enough to pick up my text books. 

Again, I was told that in order to park in any of the parking spaces (and there were plenty available at that time), I would have to pay the additional parking fee.

Why is it that this event took priority over me being able to get my books for class? Shouldn’t students have priority? This seems to be a reoccurring problem on campus. I’ve had many night classes over my four years at WKU and have noticed that students’ ability to park and get to class doesn’t matter when it comes to extracurricular events. Go Toppers! I’m certainly proud of our sports teams here at WKU. But again, those events should not supersede the needs of other students. 

WKU has done so much to be on the forefront of breaking technology. We have some of the most beautiful buildings of any college campus state wide. We have phenomenal instructors. So why is it that we (WKU) have not come up with a way to solve this parking issue? I would have gladly paid for metered parking (even though I should not have had to since I had a valid permit for parking in the parking structures). It was not considerate of my needs nor fair to ask me to pay $8 to park when I had a legitimate reason for being on campus and had a $90 parking permit hanging in my windshield. 

I plead with WKU’s President and the Department of Transportation to re-visit the parking needs of WKU students. Remember, without the students, there would not be a need for the college!


Lindsey Hubbard

Edmonton Senior