A Thousand Words: Jan. 31, 2012

John Law, center, WKU alumni and ‘Dungeon Master’, relaxes during a 4×4 table top version of the game Suikoden. Along with being the leader of the game as the Dungeon Master, Law also developed the storyline and rules of the game. It’s an altered version of Dungeons and Dragons, where the player uses a system of runes to create their character.

Connor Choate

Downing University Center is a slow place on Saturday night. The line for Subway is virtually non-existent, and if someone were to drop a pen, it could easily be heard.

However, every Saturday night a group of gamers gets together in DUC to do the thing they love: play games. The Gamers’ Guild is a group that students can join for a small fee. The membership isn’t limited to current students — some members are actually alumni who have been members since their studies at WKU. At the Gamers’ Guild, you can find games like Magic: The Gathering, table-top role-playing games or Batman: Arkham City being played.

The games are not limited to a certain version. But most games played are mixes of various ones combined for a role-playing table-top game. One of the most popular is Opus Terra, a table-top game with a post-apocalyptic setting created by WKU alumnus Austin Roberts.

“We are gamers that create gaming groups and learn how to play various games,” Bowling Green junior Daniel Hood said.

The Gamers’ Guild also has a library full of books on almost any game, and members are allowed to check out or even purchase select books. The group encourages people who are interested in all types of games or who want to learn how to better their skills to stop in and play.