From the editor: We’re here for you — the students

Cole Claybourn

Believe it or not, we’re halfway through the school year.

The way we at the Herald view it, that’s a lot of time left to tell stories — your stories.

After all, that’s why we’re here.

Most WKU students are involved in some kind of group or organization, each of which have plenty of stories to tell.

We try our hardest to be on top of each of those organizations and their events. But with a staff of about 50-60 students on a campus with 21,000 students, we’re still limited.

So we need your help. If we’re not covering something that your group is doing or has done, there’s a good chance that it’s because we aren’t aware of it.

There are plenty of ways to get a hold of us. First, you can reach me at [email protected] I read every email that comes through.

If email is not your thing, there’s also this thing called social media that we utilize.

Most of you have either a Facebook or Twitter — if not both — and so do we. We read every comment on our Facebook page and every tweet that comes to us. That’s also our primary method of getting our stories out.

It’s also a good way for you to give us feedback — what you like or what you’re upset about that’s going on around campus.  Feel free to drop a comment on our Facebook page or send us a tweet with a story idea.

You can also use this space to voice your opinion by sending letters to the editor. We publish all of them that we have space for and can post longer ones online.

It’s our mission to tell the stories that matter to you, the students, because you’re our target audience. We look forward to hearing your ideas.