WKU SGA reflects on the past semester

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association is wrapping up for the semester, but they’re already planning for the next one.

SGA President Billy Stephens said one big event coming up next semester is the Rally for Higher Education in Frankfort this February. SGA plans to rent a bus to take students to the rally.

“Western always represents the student body really well,” he said. “We’re usually the biggest supporters there.”

He said they are also going to continue working on a fixed route service for Provide-A-Ride, and trying to generate local business interest to help with costs.

Another activity they have coming up next semester is a military recognition at a baseball game. They are looking to partner with ROTC for that.

Elections will also take place during the spring semester. Applications to run for office should be online toward the end of February.

Stephens said that he thought the most successful thing SGA did this semester was helping to supply iPads for the Educational Resources Center.

The most shocking thing of the semester was the $15,000 that was taken from SGA’s budget for last year’s Provide-A-Ride services, Stephens said.

Katie Stillwell, chief of staff, said she felt one of the strongest things SGA did was to talk to the students more about what’s going on, and be up front with them, particularly about the Downing University Center renovations.

“Going around and talking to the organizations has been really positive and I feel like, overall, the student body has a relatively positive view on us, which is a good thing,” Stillwell said.

Stillwell also said the $15,000 cut to the budget was obviously disappointing, but she feels as if SGA handled it well.

“The organization continuing to run after such a big blow is definitely a positive thing,” she said.

Kaylee Egerer, the speaker of the house, said the public relations effort has been great and has generated a lot of student interest in SGA. Egerer also said they have a great range of students in SGA.

“The amount of legislation that’s been cranked through this semester has been huge, and it’s been awesome,” she said.

Administrative Vice President Devon Hilderbrandt said he thought the Cage the Elephant concert was great because it was something they’d never really been able to do before and it allowed SGA “to come out with a bang.”

The concert also gave them the opportunity to partner with the Campus Activities Board for the first time, Hilderbrandt said.

Cory Dodds, director of information technology, said he thought Dine with Decision Makers was one of the most successful events.

“The legislators and other leaders that we invited to Dine, they were really receptive to the student issues that we talked about, and I think that will be really important when we begin building momentum for the Rally for Higher Education in February,” Dodds said.