New WKU SGA website matches university page

Taylor Harrison

A new Student Government Association website that went live on Wednesday has all the same information as its predecessor but a new look that matches WKU’s website.

Cory Dodds, SGA’s director of information technology, said that when the university switched to the new website in the spring, all academic departments and colleges across WKU’s campus were mandated to change their websites to use the same system.

“Because we are part of the Student Activities Office, that mandate also applies to us,” Dodds said.

Unlike with the off-campus housing website SGA launched earlier this semester, Dodds didn’t have control over the change. He said it was up to the Information Technology department to officially make the change to the new website.

SGA also had to wait for the IT department to get the new server ready before starting work on it, Dodds said.

Kendrick Bryan, the SGA Executive Vice President, said after the university told SGA it would need to change its website, Dodds went through training before creating it. Bryan is helping Dodds with making the campus events calendar for the website.

When the calendar is up on the website, it will have events such as financial aid, housing and registration deadlines, as well as Black History month speakers and Relay for Life, Bryan said.

Stephanie Scott, the office coordinator for Student Activities and Organizations, had access to the website and oversaw it while Dodds was working on it.

Scott said she is the main coordinator for the website, and that after the university created its new standardized website, WKU provided the template.

“We just had to make it happen,” Scott said.

SGA didn’t have to take money out of its budget to make the new website, and Scott said that there was no cost at all in creating it.

The new design is almost identical to WKU’s homepage, aside from having different content. The layout is the same, but rather than saying “WKU” at the top, it says “SGA.”