LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A response to Tuesday’s ‘know your place’ editorial

Kevin Asbery

In response to Tuesday’s “Know your place” editorial: As a student Senator it is my place to represent the voice of the students who elected me to the position. The idea of changing the name of DUC did not originate in SGA. SGA does not have the power to change the name of DUC; the resolution was just a chance for the students’ elected representatives to make our opinions known on the issue.

I, like the majority of my colleagues, opposed the resolution. However, bringing the issue to light and making our opinions known has been a positive outcome.

As for the “we can do whatever we want mentality,” SGA always seeks student input through tabling, forums, displays in the DUC lobby, and open Senate meetings; which several students took advantage of Tuesday, including some Minton residents who brought a signed petition in opposition to the resolution whom I thank you for their input.

In regards to SGA’s campus visibility, I encourage you to attend a SGA sponsored concert or athletic event, pick up a free scantron, use a new iPad, test prep book, or camera (all donated by SGA). Let a Senator or other SGA official know of ways to improve the university by email, Facebook, Twitter, class, or any of the above mentioned events; we’re always interested in hearing what you have to say.

Kevin Asbery