AGD to sponsor male ‘Greek God’ beauty pageant

Michael McKay

The “Mr.” and “Mrs.” of the Mr. and Mrs. Greek God have been divorced by host Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

The event — now in its third year — has been renamed Mr. Greek God to reflect that the pageant in now only for men.

Wingo senior Kendia Oldham, AGD president, said the change would help to set the tone of the competition.

“We really wanted to make the pageant really silly,” Oldham said.

The ladies who participated weren’t as willing to be silly and took the pageant more seriously, she said.

“We decided to make it about guys this year,” Oldham said.

Greek god hopefuls can be sponsored by sororities or their own Greek organization. Contestants will wear the letters of and represent their sponsored organization in three categories: letter wear, talent, and toga wear.

Crestwood sophomore Aly Badinger, vice president of campus relations for AGD, said the pageant is a lot like traditional beauty pageants.

“It’s pretty much a beauty pageant and it’s pretty comical,” Badinger said.

Badinger said another chance is an intermission sponsored by Griff’s Deli, which will pass out shirts and gift cards.

“Its naturally a funny event — naturally, men in togas — but our women are really excited too,” Badinger said.

Oldham said the changes will help with the quality of the show.

“Each year we’re adding more information to make the process run more smoothly,” she said.

Mr. Greek God will be at 7:30 p.m. in Garrett Ballroom on Tuesday night. Tickets are $3 and the proceeds will go to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.