Taggart, Bjork decline comment on Guidry arrest

WKU defensive coordinator Lance Guidry was arrested Saturday for driving while intoxicated. The image was obtained from the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison where Guidry was booked and released. He coached in WKU’s game against Louisiana State.

Brad Stephens

BATON ROUGE, La.,  Neither Head Coach Willie Taggart nor Athletics Director Ross Bjork chose to make extensive comment to the media about the status of defensive coordinator Lance Guidry following WKU’s 42-9 loss to No. 1 Louisiana State Saturday.

Guidry was arrested early Saturday morning in Baton Rouge for driving while intoxicated, his third such arrest.

He was on the WKU sideline in his normal coaching capacity for the entire game.

Taggart and a reporter had the following exchange about Guidry in the postgame press conference:

Reporter: “Your defensive coordinator was arrested this morning for driving while intoxicated. Any comment?”

Taggart: “Um, any questions about football?”

Reporter: “Well he was coaching tonight, so I mean obviously you didn’t decide that would disqualify him from doing his job. Do you have any comments on that?”

Taggart: “No I don’t.”

When asked if the university had knowledge of Guidry’s arrest before the game, Bjork said WKU “has all the information” on the case.

Bjork said the team’s focus was on getting back to Bowling Green and preparing for its final two regular season games.

He did, however, say the university would make a more extensive statement in the coming days.

An affidavit filed by the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison said Guidry’s blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest was a .123. He also failed a field sobriety test.

Guidry was arrested in April of 1990 and September of 2003 on similar charges.