Christmas pageant highlights Kappa Sigma’s philanthropy

Taylor Harrison

The fifth Kappa Sigma Christmas Pageant will take place on Dec. 7 at the Downing University Center Theater, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m.

The event’s proceeds will go to Kappa Sigma’s philanthropy, Toys for Tots. Contestants are charged an entrance fee, and there will be an admission fee to attend the event.

Louisville senior and Christmas Week Chair Matt Hodgson said the people that participate in the pageant are mostly from WKU’s sororities.

Each sorority can enter up to three contestants. This year, Hodgson said that fraternities can nominate someone to participate as well.

The pageant has three rounds. In the first round, participants can wear their organization’s letters. In the second round, they wear outfits that show “Christmas spirit.” The third round is formal wear.

The judges are usually alumni — last year, Gary Ransdell’s wife, Julie, was one of the judges.

Last year’s winner was Poorvie Patel, representing Alpha Omicron Pi. Hodgson said a Chi Omega came in second and Omega Phi Alpha was in third.

There are also other events in Kappa Sigma’s Christmas week. These include a Griff’s Deli Night on Dec. 6, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to Toys for Tots.

Kappa Sigma also goes caroling to the sororities’ houses the night after the pageant.

The president of AOII, Laura Brittany Wathen, said the process for selecting participants requires that girls will be nominated within the sorority. Once as many people as they want to participate have been nominated and accepted the nominations, the process is stopped.

Wathen said that ever since she’s been in her sorority, they have participated in the pageant.

Kappa Sigma president Rob Whittley said the pageant is for a great cause, adding that the girls also seem to have a fun time participating.

“It gives the chance for the Greek community to donate to a philanthropy in a fun and exciting way,” he said.