LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Guidry’s decisions lack leadership

Jacqueline Adams

I realize asking Western Kentucky to rid themselves of a coach that brings in more money than the Academic Team is not realistic, but asking what that coach perpetuates is not. 

For every college male that watches his leaders fall to the claim of a “simple mistake,” or an unwarranted DWI, I ask that they consider the ramifications of the actions of those who are intended to be our leaders; our student body responses to those who are above us including our professors, our class representatives, and our coaches. 

So ask these two simple questions: who are you following and what are you doing to become similar to those you follow? If it is our coaches then what are they representing?

When asked to drink a beer at a college party what are you deciding to do? Those involved in alcoholic engagements in college atmospheres are far more likely to commit to decisions that could be criminal, harmful, and simply immoral. 

So what is your choice? What has our university shown us about leadership and decision-making when they decide to allow one of our football coaches to make poor decisions? 

Drinking on college campuses can lead to poor decision making, rape, sexual harassment, arrest, and death. 

From drunk driving to sexual assault, alcohol has proven to be a contender among college students as a device contributing to poor decisions, vicious acts, and fatal mistakes. A student died only a few short years ago, and alcohol intoxication was a factor. 

She burned alive in her dorm room and later died at the hospital. To compare our coach’s behavior to that of a murder may seem unrealistic, but when driving intoxicated the realities of these two situations can become fatal. 

Mixing the wheel with alcohol is dangerous. And mixing student ambitions with “honorable leaders” can be just as hazardous. 

I do not think a glass of wine or a good hoppy beer isn’t a good choice, but when choosing leaders our educated student body and administrators should know better. 

Drinking responsibly is not a skill to be ignored and drinking while driving is simply intolerable. Put down that drink out of respect to those who follow you! 

We have a voice and our voices should be heard. Our leaders should be aware of it.

Jacqueline Adams

Bowling Green senior