WKU floral design center offers ready-made decorations

WKU’s Floral Design Training Center, which opened this semester, is decorated for the holidays and held an open house earlier this month.

Rachael Walters

The Floral Design Training Center brings the Christmas spirit into its facilities with decorated trees, ornaments, floral arrangements and more.

There is also a large sleigh and reindeer outside of the center on Regents Avenue, inviting guests in to explore their holiday displays.

Within the center, each room is decorated in its own color theme. One has classic Christmas colors surrounding the fireplace, while another has many bright colors and silver. Regardless of which room guests explore, they are sure to find Christmas in almost every sparkling corner.

The center welcomed the public to come enjoy the holiday displays at the open house Nov. 4 and 5. Staff and students worked together to decorate the center’s Christmas trees with ornaments. Students also prepared fresh-cut vases of carnations for prize giveaways. Refreshments and food were provided as a slideshow of students working in class played on a wall projector.

These holiday decorations will be available to view and purchase throughout the holiday season, said Roger Dennis, instructor of horticulture and director of FDTC.

Decorations include wreaths, centerpieces, ornaments, gift items and fresh-cut arrangements. Also on sale is a small collection of jewelry.

“The training center is a working classroom where students can gain real life experience in a working floral shop,” Dennis said. “It gives them an opportunity to learn in a real situation that they can use in the working world.”

The FDTC is run through the department of agriculture and works as a running floral shop to give students an accurate portrayal of the floral business. Beyond students interested in going into floral design as a profession, they also cater to interior design and restaurant management, and those just interested in floral design.

Livermore senior Kayla Caudle is currently enrolled in both Intro to Floral Design and Wedding Floral Design. She plans to enroll in Advanced Floral Design in the spring. In these classes, she said she learns to arrange various flowers in particular containers and how to make bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

“I have even had the opportunity to arrange flowers in clear square glass container for an actual wedding that took place,” Caudle said. “It was used as a centerpiece at their reception.”

Caudle said she is amazed at how much knowledge she has gained from the FDTC, and that she finds herself critiquing flower arrangements outside of the center.  She said the staff is fun and extremely knowledgeable, making the learning environment exciting.

“It’s always absolutely beautiful inside and out, and it brightens my day just to go inside and smell all the wonderful scents and to see all the bright colors,” Caudle said.

The center will host pictures with Santa on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. There is no charge, but be sure to bring your own camera.

The FDTC will remain open until Dec. 23 and will reopen on Jan. 3.