WKU AID passes out fair trade candy for Halloween

Michael McKay

Instead of Milky Ways and 3 Musketeers, WKU Americans for Informed Democracy passed out fair trade-certified chocolate and other goods today in honor of Halloween.

A product that is fair trade-certified must guarantee fair prices and wages for the workers and cannot use child or slave labor.

In March, President Gary Ransdell signed a resolution to make WKU a fair trade university and to make fair trade products available to students.

As he passed out chocolate and coffee to students in Downing University Center, Elizabethtown Senior Andrew Gott said the fair trade movement is growing.

“People are getting more and more aware of where their stuff comes from,” Gott said.

Atlanta Junior Michelle Gilstrap was one of the people who came to the booth.

Gilstrap said she feels more comfortable using products that are fair trade certified.

“The way the profits are distributed is a much better process,” Gilstrap said.

Gilstrap, who is also an RA in Minton hall, said she was interested in giving fair trade candy to the girls on her floor.

“Maybe I’ll do it for Christmas,” she said. “Halloween is already almost over.”