BG’s mayorial, city commission candidates meet for community forum

Michael McKay

Bowling Green residents had one last opportunity to

talk to candidates about the issues ahead of the Nov. 8 election at

a forum Thursday night sponsored by Bowling Green Coalition of

Active Neighborhoods.

WKU sophomore Brandon Peay, a mayorial candidate, was

not in attendance.

The other mayoral and city commissioner candidates

met to talk to mostly community association members about how they

will listen to issues in neighborhoods.

One of the first questions posed to the mayoral

candidates was what they would do to improve “human connectivity”

among neighborhoods and the Board of Commissioners. 

Current Mayor and candidate Joe Denning said things

happening in one community could help another if community

residents would let the Commission know. 

“Bowling Green continues to grow,” Denning said.

“We’re going to have continued problems, and hopefully we will

continue to have neighborhood groups like yours that are out there

to assist us to make Bowling Green a better place to live.”  

Current commissioner and mayoral candidate Bruce

Wilkerson said members of the neighborhood groups can help the city

by bringing problems from their neighborhoods.

“That’s where you, as individuals, have an

opportunity for human connectivity and bring those issues to us on

the city commission,” Wilkerson said.

Other questions posed at the candidates included what

to do build a community where all individuals were welcomed.

Denning said from his heart that he believes in


“I want us to be able to attract all citizens that

want to live in Bowling Green, regardless of their nationality,

color, or whatever.”

City Commissioner candidates were also asked that

question. Commissioner candidate Bruce Goodwin said the city needs

to support new international citizens.

“Bowling Green is the international city of

Kentucky,” Goodwin said.

The candidates were also asked about moving toward a

metro-style government such as Louisville and Lexington. Both of

the mayoral candidates believed Bowling Green was not ready for

that change. 

Other major issues discussed were the growth and

maintain of jobs and the importance of maintaining Bowling Green


Last night’s forum was the last before the Nov. 8

election. The commission election will be for Melinda Hill’s seat