LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parking an ‘elephant in the room’ at WKU

Keaton Brownstead

The parking issue at WKU is an elephant in the room that gets little 
attention. It seems we are always hearing about people having to park 
either across campus or even off campus just to get by. 

I would like to propose a few solutions that I haven’t heard before:

1) Offer subsidized 
rates for those who purchase a pass before the parking capacity, and then, 
as a disincentive, increase the cost of a pass the more that are issued over 
capacity. For example, if there are 4,000 housing spaces, charge $90 for 
the first 4,000 permits, and from then on charge $200 for them. 

2) Prohibit freshmen from bringing cars to campus. They have to live here
anyways, right? 

3) Issue citations like mad until we can afford a new parking garage. 

4) Turn Tate Page Hall into a parking garage. It’s ugly. 

Either way, something must be done. I prefer to work out at Preston, and 
not power walk a mile from my car to class.

Keaton Brownstead

Glasgow sophomore