WKU begins transition to heat buildings

Nick Bratcher

As colder weather approaches, WKU is heating up its buildings.

WKU started its transition from cooling to heating this week, starting with dorms and then moving to academic buildings, Charlie Jones, director of Facility Management, said in an email on Oct. 21.

“We will begin deactivating building chillers and turning off the air conditioning this week,” he said in the email.

Jones also said once a building has been converted from cooling to heating, the process can’t be reversed and thanked the WKU community for its “cooperation and kind consideration in this matter.”

“As we all know ‘mother nature’ always wins in the prediction business,” Jones said in the email.

The Department of Facility Management has found a “few issues” with steam lines which carry heat into buildings, but most will be prepared this week, Jones said.

“If for some reason any major complication occur during the heating system startup of a building, we will continue to the next building and resume working on those that have problems later,” Jones said in the email.