English faculty members start a community yoga class

Left to right: Kelly Reames, Angela Jones and Katie Green, all English professors at WKU, demonstrate a pose from their yoga sessions held at Dance Images on Creason Street. Reames and Jones offer the classes at $5 per session and said they had the budgets of college students in mind when they set the prices.

Monta Reinfelde

In the fast-paced and stressful environment that WKU students face on a daily basis, founders of 4yoga say it’s essential to find a physical and mental balance.

This new 4yoga group was made exactly for the reason of relieving stress and enhancing a quality of life.

4yoga classes started on Sept. 27 at Dance Images on 1803 Creason St., five minutes walking distance from campus.

Two of the four founders of the “4yoga” group are WKU English faculty members, Angela Jones and Kelly Reames, who are also both certified yoga teachers. The other two founders are Kim Herald and Erica Jacknin.

Compared to other yoga classes offered in Bowling Green, “4yoga” stands out with its price. It is only $5 per class.

“We talk about ourselves as community yoga,” Jones said. “We try to be accessible for everybody.”

Jones said she is confident that the modest price they offer will attract a new audience – people who want to try yoga, but never did due to financial reasons.

“There is no risk,” Jones said. “Five dollars and around an hour of your time, then you can decide you like it or not.”

Besides convenient location and friendly price, there are other benefits of participating in “4yoga” group.

“Yoga builds up flexibility and strength,” Reames, a fellow instructor, said. “It also clears the mind and helps to focus on inner self.”

Jones said there are a lot of other people in the yoga class whom you can become friends with.

“Taking a yoga class is a chance to expand your social circle,” Jones said, remembering how she became friends with other founders of “4yoga.”

One of the “4yoga” participants is WKU alumna Julie Small, who has been doing yoga for a couple of years in different yoga studios in Bowling Green. She said that “4yoga” class is one of her favorites because of the great energy it offers.

“It is a class I love,” Julie said. “Energy is good, the people and teachers are lovely.”

For many men, it may seem that taking yoga class is only a girl’s affair. However Reames said this is not the truth.

She said although men are typically involved in other competitive activities, there are men in her yoga classes as well.

“Yoga is designed to purposely choose to take ourselves out of that competitive mindset,” Reames said.

For more information about 4yoga and the class calendar, visit the website 4yoga.me.