WKU Chili and Cheese Luncheon kicks off Homecoming weekend

Taylor Harrison

The annual Chili and Cheese Luncheon and Pep Rally kicked off Homecoming weekend today at First Christian Church.

Many people from the Bowling Green community attended the luncheon, which was decorated with red towels and Mardi Gras items, including WKU alumni, faculty members, students, and even Big Red himself. 

Ginny Hensley, director of alumni planning, said this event is the kickoff to homecoming in Bowling Green.

“It truly is a tradition every year, it’s for the downtown Bowling Green Community and for students, faculty, staff—everybody,” Hensley said.

Hensley said they usually feed about 500 people at the event and that the proceeds go to Junior Achievement.

A few volunteers from Kohl’s were at the event. Kohl’s donates money as well which Hensley said also goes toward Junior Achievement.

The WKU football team, cheerleaders, dancers, and band all had members present.

Almost all of the homecoming candidates were there as well. A total of 18 out of the 20 women running attended the luncheon and were presented to the audience during it.

Rochester, Mich., senior Kaylee Egerer was one of the candidates present. She is representing Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Gamma Delta, and Sigma Gamma Rho.

She said the event is a good chance for the homecoming candidates to interact with the community, staff and team before homecoming.

“I can’t wait for Saturday to come around and it seems like it’s taking forever,” Egerer said.

After people in attendance had gotten a chance to eat, members of the WKU marching band played and Coach Willie Taggart got up with two of his football players to speak.

Taggart told the audience members that the football team is planning on making everyone proud and to keep their expectations of the football team high.

Taggart said it was awesome to see such a good turnout at the event and to see everyone having a great time and smiling.

He also said that the football team has a great opportunity to play a good team, Louisiana-Lafayette, and do a lot of things with this game.

He said they could not only win their first home game in a long time, but they could also beat a winning team and get ahead in their conference race.

“We’re excited because our guys have worked really hard and they’ve put themselves in this position,” Taggart said.

Taggart and the football players also attended the Chili and Cheese Luncheon and Pep Rally that was held in Glasgow on Tuesday.