SGA gives back by cleaning up WKU’s campus

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association’s Campus Clean-up gave students a chance to help out and keep WKU clean Tuesday.

Among the students that came to help, there were SGA senators, fraternity pledges and girls from various sororities.

Campus Improvements Chairperson Keyana Boka said that this is the second year she’s participated in the event, but it was her first time organizing it.

Even though SGA senators aren’t required to attend events, they are encouraged to attend and some of them did help clean up the campus Tuesday afternoon.

Boka said the event had a pretty big turnout, especially from Sigma Chi fraternity pledges.

Franklin freshman Will Coker, a pledge, said that picking up the trash around campus makes him feel like he’s doing more for WKU students and the community.

Bowling Green freshman Tate Downing, another pledge, said he enjoyed the event because it helped him bond with his fraternity pledge brothers.

“It brings us closer,” Downing said.

Louisville freshman Justin Campbell, also a Sigma Chi pledge, said the Campus Clean-up is a very important event.

“It makes our campus even more beautiful than it is by cleaning up the trash and everyone can walk around and not have to worry about seeing trash on the ground,” Campbell said. “They know that they’re just in a good, clean environment.”

SGA’s Student Affairs Chairperson Natalie Broderick attended because she’s always cared about the environment and being involved in the campus community.

“I like people seeing SGA out doing things because I know a lot of it’s heard, but not really seen,” she said. “It also helps the earth, helps everyone, looks better, makes everyone happier so it’s just good all around.”