COLUMN: If WKU wins on Saturday, how will you celebrate?

Cole Claybourn

This Saturday could be a momentous day for WKU. For the first time since Sept. 20, 2008, the Hilltoppers could win a home football game.

Against a Football Championship Series opponent in Indiana State, it’s clearly WKU’s best chance to win at home this season.

That raises a question that hasn’t been asked around here for a while: How should fans celebrate a win?

“I’ve heard fans talk about tearing down the goalposts,” senior linebacker Ben Duvall said. “I’d like to see that happen.”

What would be the appropriate way of celebrating? This game is unique in that it presents two ways to react to the win, both of which would be appropriate.

On one hand, there are fans who will probably want to storm the field. After all, those who are seniors haven’t seen a win since the first game they could attend as freshmen — that is, if they went. Some students have never seen a win.

Every student dreams of being a part of that kind of moment where they can celebrate a big win. And yes, a win over Indiana State at home would indeed be a big win for WKU.

But then you’ll likely have a group of fans who think WKU should hold itself to a higher standard, as if it should expect to win this game. You know — act like they’ve been there.

Let’s be honest. The Toppers really should win this game. They’re bigger. They’re stronger. They’re a Football Bowl Subdivision team.

That hasn’t gotten to Head Coach Willie Taggart’s head, though.

“We’re not in a position to underestimate anyone, so I don’t think you’ll see that from the Hilltoppers,” Taggart said. “If anything, you might want to ask Indiana State not to underestimate Western Kentucky right now.

“Our guys understand that if we don’t come ready to play, Indiana State can come in and beat us.”

But nonetheless, for the first time in a while, WKU is the decided favorite in a game. 

So I ask again: How should fans celebrate?

Seriously, students. This is a big decision. How you choose to celebrate will be remembered for a long time, so you better make sure you do it right.

I can only imagine the conversations that will ensue if WKU manages to have a lead in the fourth quarter as time winds down.

One fans says, “Hey, we’re rushing the field!” That person’s friend next to him replies, “Come on, man. It’s Indiana State. Who cares?”

A brief debate will follow about how WKU hasn’t won at home in three years and how any win is big.

Then again, there might not be many people in the stands anyway with Louisville and Kentucky kicking off at the same time as WKU and Indiana State.

But for those of you who plan to attend, might I offer some suggestions that were provided on Twitter earlier this week:

WKU could provide fans with: 

-a free soft-serve ice cream cone

-$1 off any roast beef combo at Arby’s

-$1 burrito coupons at Puerto’s

-Willie Taggart commemorative lapel pins

-Six free wings from Toot’s

-Or, of course, a snow day in September.

Perhaps fans could celebrate by planking on the goalposts, although that hasn’t gone over too well in the past.

The Bowling Green media will celebrate by finally talking to the offensive line, which has boycotted interviews until WKU wins a home game. Junior tight ends Jack Doyle and Ryan Wallace joined in with them as well.

And since the media can’t talk to the quarterbacks in the wake of the quarterback controversy, we’re simply running out of people to talk to.

So unless you want to hear from the same five people each week, you better hope for a win. 

Of course if WKU loses, all of this is a moot point and something we’ll have to get to at a later time. And at that point, the post-game reactions might be wilder than if the Toppers win. 

Either way, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what you all come up with.