Tuberculosis suspected in WKU student

Tessa Duvall

A suspected case of tuberculosis has been identified in a WKU graduate student by the Barren River District Health Department.

The student, who lives off campus and has not been identified, is receiving medical treatment, according to a WKU news release. The health department is working to identify anyone who may have come in close contact with the student.


Once identified, these people will be provided a TB test at no cost to them by WKU Health Services.

“If you are not contacted by the Health Department and told you need to be tested, there is no need for further concern at this time,” said Teresa Casey, nurse program manager for the health department, in a press release.

Vicky Rosa, executive director of WKU Health Services, said while this situation is being taken seriously, it is not an emergency.

“It is standard to proceed with testing in a suspected case of TB, and we are working to provide the testing on campus for easier access to those who may have been exposed,” Rosa said.