WKU quarterback questions remain

Quarterback Kawaun Jakes (6) looks for an open receiver downfield and throws an interception against Navy in the third quarter at Houchens-Smith Stadium on Saturday evening.

Brad Stephens

As of press time Thursday, Head Coach Willie Taggart had yet to announce whether junior Kawaun Jakes or redshirt freshman Brandon Doughty would start Saturday for WKU against Indiana State.

Neither Doughty nor Jakes were made available to speak with media this week, but other Topper players and coaches provided comment on the situation.

Senior running back Bobby Rainey: “We’ve been used to Kawaun being our starting quarterback so therefore we’re familiar with Kawaun. That’s who I’m used to going with in practice. I haven’t got a chance to go with Doughty, but from last week’s game he did well in the time he was in. Whatever decision Coach Taggart makes about the quarterbacks, we’re fine with it.”

Junior wide receiver Marcus Vasquez: “It’s coach Taggart’s decision, and whoever he chooses, the team has his back. I choose really not to discuss that situation. I’m just here doing what I have to do to help this offense move the ball.”

Offensive coordinator Zach Azzanni: “They’re both different quarterbacks. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out on film. One’s more of a pocket guy. One can do a little more with his feet. One’s young and one’s been through a lot of battles. One brings some experience to the huddle, the other brings a newness to the huddle. So they both bring positive things to the huddle, and they’re both working their butts off. Kawaun is Brandon’s biggest fan and vice versa. That’s a good relationship there. They’re going to battle it out, and we’ll see what happens.”