AKA, APA hosts small 9/11 memorial ceremony

Melissa Hardesty

Although the Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha-sponsored 9/11 Remembrance March turned into a small service, the event was still powerful.

Phi Mu Alpha, the music fraternity, started things off by singing an a capella rendition of the national anthem, followed by a prayer, scripture reading, and short speech by Col. Chaplain Alvin E. Miller.

Miller, who is stationed at Fort Campbell, reminisced on what he recalled of that day 10 years ago. Shortly after the attacks, he was on active duty and was sent to Georgia to begin training.

“Imagine the entire time you go through school you never have a test. People would never know how great you are, how brilliant you are. 9/11 was America’s test,” said Miller, “and through that tragedy, we proved what a great nation we really are.”

Miller’s part of the service was followed by Lauren Cunningham singing “Amazing Grace” and a few remarks by Miller’s son, Alpha Phi Alpha member Josh Miller, and Austin Wingate, another WKU student.

Col. Chaplain Miller reminded everyone that we should honor the men and women in the military “every day of the year” because they’re serving and risking their lives for “a country they never knew and people they’ve never met.”