How They Fared: WKU Football Week Three

Cole Claybourn

As Head Coach Willie Taggart said after Saturday’s game, “everything” went wrong for WKU this week. The Toppers were blown out at home by Football Championship Subdivision opponent Indiana State, 44-16.

On top of that, some hope for this season was lost as redshirt freshman quarterback Brandon Doughty, who got the start over junior Kawaun Jakes, left after the first drive with what appears to be an anterior cruciate ligament tear.

It didn’t stop there. Junior wide receiver Marcus Vasquez, who missed a portion of last season with a broken collarbone, went down on the game’s second to last play with what also appears to be an ACL tear. Taggart said both players are likely done for the season. An already slim receiving corps for WKU endures another big blow.

With the way WKU has struggled all three games — arguably getting worse each game — in addition to the recent injuries, I’m not convinced the Toppers can win any games the rest of this season. The Oct. 15 contest at Florida Atlantic looks like it could be WKU’s best — and perhaps only — shot at a win this season because the Owls have also struggled mightily this season.

Again, how this works is that based on how WKU has played up to this point in the season, and based on how their respective opponents have played up to now, the arrows correspond to how I feel WKU would fare against them. A red arrow means it’s likely that WKU would lose that game, a green arrow would indicate a likely win, and the white arrows indicate a toss-up.

Here are my thoughts this week: