Former WKU star Brown ready for colder weather in Finland

Arnika Brown celebrates after a second half three point shot is hit during the Sunbelt Championships in Hot Springs, Ark., in March. Brown singed a contract with Kotka Peli-Karhut in Finland and will continue her basketball career overseas.

Brad Stephens

Arnika Brown made a name for herself at WKU, becoming one of just four players in Lady Toppers’ history to accumulate more than 1,000 points and rebounds.

Now she’s moving on to continue her basketball career, and she may want to pack a sweater for the trip.

Brown signed to play professionally with Kotka Peli-Karhut of the Division One league in Finland.

“I like the cold weather,” Brown said. “Mary felt like it was great, I felt like it was great and (my agent) felt like it was great, so we jumped all over it.”

And what excites Brown the most about her new playing destination?

“I’m excited about the food actually,” she said. “Coach Cowles will tell you I’m a McDonald’s fan. Anytime we were on the road I was fine with a cheeseburger. So I’m excited about getting the opportunity to actually venture out and try new things.”

Brown will have the opportunity to come home once in December and once in March.

But Cowles said those are the only times Brown will come back to Kentucky during her first time in Finland.

“She’s not coming home early, we’ve already talked about that,” Cowles said smiling. “We’ve stuck with Arnika, we’ve held her hand, but if she comes home before this season’s over she’s not to come back to my office.”