From the editor: Let us tell your stories

Jonathan Lintner

We at the Herald are of the thought that everyone has a story. Given how WKU’s enrollment has ballooned recently, we’ve got work to do — stories to tell — and plenty of time to do it as the year starts.

All we ask is for some help from you the student, professor, administrator, alum or interested reader.

To cover WKU’s 20,000 students, we have a staff of about 50 including all of our reporters, photographers, copy editors and designers. That’s a lot of folks for a newspaper staff that puts out the 22-pager you’re reading today, but then there’s this whole idea of a website we’re really embracing these days.

In other words, what we can and will cover as things relate to WKU is unlimited, just like space on our website. Only with 50 people, our peer network is limited.

So whether it’s through Facebook (follow us), Twitter (really, please follow us) or email (I do read them all), let us know what’s going on. It’s our goal to tell real stories about real people — mainly students — because you’re our target audience.

Give us feedback, too, because we want to talk about what you’re talking about in stories and editorials. By feedback I don’t mean whether you like or hate an individual article, but that you’re upset with something happening on campus, in the classroom or even with Bowling Green in general. To us, those are important issues.

The relationship the Herald hopes to have with students is similar to what I suggested to WKU’s vice presidents and President Gary Ransdell last week when they were kind enough to meet with our editorial board. If you have something newsworthy going on and we’re not talking to you, it’s because we don’t know about it — not because we don’t want to cover it.

Another opportunity for you to have a voice is in this space. We print all the letters to the editor we have space to run and can even publish more lengthy entries online.

Just remember: this is your paper and your chance to make a difference. Because of that, we look forward to hearing from you.


Herald editor-in-chief