COLUMN: Angela Oliver: Never forget to say ‘thank you’

Angela Oliver

I guess it’s true; times flies when you’re having fun. That explains why it feels like my time on the Hill has zoomed by. They have been five of the most fun, enlightening and rewarding years of my life and that is largely because of the people surrounding me.

Anyone would be wrong to think they were successful without at least a little help. I’m happy to say that I’ve had tons.

And though I don’t want to bore you with a tribute to people who you may not know, I surely don’t think there’s any fault in a little reflection. Besides, it’s my last column, so what better way to end than with gratitude.

As a WKU student, I’ve had the chance to experience things I didn’t think I’d do this early in life.

As a journalist, I’ve interviewed dozens of people, from some of my favorite rappers, like Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross, to interesting people, like the hospitable widows in Oakland, Ky. or mothers in the Warren County Regional Jail. I’ve walked around Central City in search of Steve and Ron Edwards, the Imperial Klans of America leaders, until I finally landed on (and got rejected on) their doorstep. And I’ve ventured aimlessly around Vittorio Emmanuale in Rome, Italy, until my classmates and I finally found the story we wanted.

As a member of my sorority, I was honored to preside over the 40th anniversary of my chapter, even meeting the women who chartered it in 1970. I attended the 50th National Convention in the great city of New Orleans and met women and past national presidents with the same appreciation for such an historic and impactful organization. And I got to teach the newest members how to continue a chapter steeped in making strides on this campus.

I’ve been a part of great things here at WKU, and I’ve managed not to lose my mind, only because I’ve had an amazing support system.

People like my journalism professors who have given me the tools to excel in the industry. People like Josh, Emily and all the Herald and Talisman staffers that I’ve had the chance to work alongside, who listened to my ideas, including this column. People like Mr. A, Mac, Dr. Foster and Dr. Hardin, who always have a recommendation handy and never hesitate to share their wisdom.

I also love readers, those who submitted to the opinion page, making my job easier, and those who spoke to me around campus or in restaurants and told me they enjoyed this column. You don’t know it, but you’ve made pieces of my dreams come alive.

Aside from my academic and extracurricular supporters, I’ve had the help of people like Ms. Martin, Mrs. Maxine and Mrs. Christine, all advisers and women who gave me comfort and the feeling of family, as I am away from home.

I’m certain you can relate. Or I hope so, because if you can, I am not alone in the overwhelming feeling. The problem is, we rarely express it.

On “Big Brother,” an under-the-radar tribute to Jay-Z, Kayne West stepped outside of his typical cockiness, saying, “If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell ‘em. People never get the flowers while they can still smell ‘em.”

Well, I’ll use my words as flowers and encourage us all to say thanks to our biggest fans-our parents and families who nurture our dreams, no matter how wacky; our teachers who push us to reach our potential; our friends who call us out on mistakes; our mentors, resident assistants, advisers, co-workers and classmates.

Whether you’re flipping your tassel with me next Saturday or have more time here, remember to acknowledge those who have been by your side, in big or small ways. Then remember to be of help to someone else.

Thank you for reading and helping me accomplish one of my goals. Peace, WKU. I appreciate it.