EDITORIAL: Marsupial Awards: Herald gives out annual year-end prizes

Editorial cartoon 5.3.11

Herald staff

The end of the year is upon us once again. In the last few months, WKU and the people here have given us a lot to write about, good and bad. So we couldn’t let the semester end without handing out a few of our annual Marsupial Awards.

The About Time award goes to the City of Bowling Green for finally passing the smoking ban, as other Kentucky cities have done. Maybe WKU will catch up next.

The Biggest Fan award is a tie between Aaron Hughey and Kendrick Bryan for their many commentaries. Some of our reporters wish they had as many bylines as you two, but we love to hear from our readers.

The Gold Star award goes to the parking ticket guy. He does his job better than anyone else on campus. We see you at all hours of the night, sir, when do you sleep?

The Student Engagement award goes to the 12 students who attended the SGA debate this semester. Don’t fret SGA; from there, you have no where to go but up.

The Icepack award goes to Ken McDonald for being in the hot seat all year.

The Smelliest Place on Campus award goes to the steam area by Minton Circle. The football locker room is a close second.

The Movin’ On Up award goes to former mayor Elaine Walker. Looks like someone can get out of Bowling Green.

The Epic Fail award goes to the campaign for 15,000 fans at the spring game. When all else fails, blame it on the rain.

The Good Riddance award goes to Taco’s Last Stand. It won’t be back in the fall, but isn’t closing soon enough.

The Sustainability award goes to the administrators for using their iPads. Surely the expense is a great trade-off for going paperless.

And the Priorities award goes to state leaders. Now, start funding education again.

It was a tough race, but they are all very well-deserved. Congratulations, folks. And if you didn’t win anything, don’t worry. We’ll be back next semester and you’ll have all year to shine.

Love, The Herald.