Campus construction planned for summer

Katherine Wade

Campus Steam Line Repairs

There are five locations that will undergo steam line replacements: Alumni Drive at Wetherby Administration Building, Avenue of Champions to Bates-Runner Hall, small section of line exiting the Heat Plant, Bemis Lawrence Hall to Barnes-Campbell Hall and Minton Hall to Avenue of Champions.

John Osborne, vice president of Campus Services and Facilities, said all five locations will cause some disruptions, but they plan to minimize that as much as possible.

Music Hall

Osborne said the Music Hall construction is on schedule and scheduled to be completed in December 2011 and ready for use in spring 2012. Construction began in August 2010.

Block 12

Osborne said the construction of the parking structure has been affected by spring flooding. He said materials needed to continue the project come from a plant in Owensboro that is right next to the Ohio River.

That plant is flooded.

“We cannot get our material, so the construction schedule will be extended,” he said.