LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freshman reflects on Greek Week

Sydney Lutsch

The Greek Week convocation was Sunday, and Greeks from all over campus poured into the Carroll Knicely Conference Center with the hopes of being awarded the best sister/brotherhood or Greek Week overall winners. However, something hit me as I observed the Greek community as a whole; we have a serious problem.

As a freshman this year during Rush, I was encouraged by all sororities it was more important to “Go Greek” than to join a specific organization. There was a sense of unity that was portrayed. Whether it was left on the stage after Spring Sing or in the in mud after Tug, it was definitely not in the convocation last night. Greeks seem to have become more concerned with who can assemble felt on a banner best and less with what it means to be Greek.

We are leaders on campus that strive for excellence in service and making WKU a better place. Instead of competing for points and paper awards, why not host a Greek Ball for all Greek organizations, where profit from tickets benefits a cause that changes every year? Or host a “Greeks Clean up Bowling Green” day where chapters make our community shine? The blood drive and philanthropy day are welcome to stay.  We all chose our particular chapter for a reason; it had nothing to do with a point system. It was based on the feeling we had when we were with them.

Let’s spread that feeling around our community and show what Greek Week should really be.


Sydney Lutsch

Taylor Mill freshman