SGA executive passes post to fraternity brother

Bardstown sophomore Devon Hinderbrandt (left) is running unopposed for Administrative Vice President in next weeks SGA elections. Hinderbrandt’s Lambda Chi Alpha brother, Louisville senior Wade Pierce currently holds the position as Vice President.

Mike Stunson

A relationship that began in Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity more than a year ago has worked its way to the Student Government Association’s executive branch.

Administrative Vice President Wade Pierce will be succeeded next year by Devon Hilderbrandt, who is running unopposed in next week’s election. Hilderbrandt has served as Pierce’s co-chair this year and is also Pierce’s little brother in Lambda Chi.

The two said their relationship began during last year’s spring recruitment.

“Me and Wade met, and we clicked great,” Hilderbrandt said. “We both had the same sense of humor, and we got along really well.”

While Hilderbrandt was going through his associateship, Lambda Chi’s pledging process, Pierce adopted him as his little brother.

Pierce said Hilderbrandt approached him last spring about how to get involved on campus.

“He didn’t want to be in college and just be part of the crowd,” Pierce said.

Pierce encouraged Hilderbrandt to join SGA, and at the beginning of the fall semester, he joined and became a part of the organizational aid committee, of which Pierce is in charge.

Pierce said he tries to be a good big brother to Hilderbrandt in any way he can.

“Being a big brother is not only fraternal, but it’s everywhere,” Pierce said. “So when he joined SGA in my committee, I felt it was my duty to help him out.”

Hilderbrandt eventually became Pierce’s co-chair on the organizational aid committee.

“I watched what he did and how he ran it, and I learned a lot,” Hilderbrandt said. “I decided I was going to run for AVP, and ever since then, Wade’s been behind me the whole time for it.”

Kendrick Bryan, who serves on the executive branch with Pierce, said the organizational aid committee ran smoothly this year due in large part to the Lambda Chi duo.

“Devon and Wade work quite well together,” Bryan said. “Wade has been a phenomenal AVP, and I think Devon has learned a lot under him.”

Pierce said the administrative vice president position will be in good hands with his little brother next year.

“I am really confident in his abilities,” Pierce said. “I think he will work really good with the (executive) cabinet chosen with him.”

Hilderbrandt said he will keep in contact with Pierce after he graduates in May.

“Wade is a great mentor and always was able to guide me with any problems that I ever had,” Hilderbrandt said. “I know we will still remain great friends and brothers.”

SGA elections are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday on TopNet. Students can vote for three executive committee positions, as well as senator positions. Only the administrative vice president election is uncontested.