CAB-OOM lights up South Lawn

Joanna Williams

All eyes were on South Lawn Thursday afternoon and evening as Campus Activities Board hosted CAB-OOM, a carnival themed event meant to let students relieve some of the stress that comes with the end of the semester.

The event was hard to miss, as music could be heard as far as the fine arts center and many of the rides were taller than the trees surrounding the area.

Kenneth Johnson, assistant director of Student Activities, said CAB-OOM was CAB’s last big event of the year, which they had been planning for the “better part of the semester.”

“It originally came out a partnership with a few organizations on campus,” he said. “We wanted to give students the opportunity to relax before finals, give them the opportunity to relieve themselves.”

Johnson said the goal was to have a variety of fun activities, which included a ferris wheel and climbing wall, as well as carnival food such as funnel cakes and cotton candy.

Evansville freshman Cori Anslinger said he’s glad CAB hosted an event like CAB-OOM.

“I like it,” she said. “I just don’t like the long lines, but it helps relieve your stress before finals.”

Maggie Wilder, a senior from Berea, said she didn’t know about CAB-OOM until she came across it.

“I just saw it when I was working out earlier and saw it as something to do to so I can get away from homework,” she said.

Wilder said she had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Johnson said he was happy with the turnout and thought everything went well.

“I think it was a success,” he said. “The students liked it. If the students like it, I like it.”