WKU adds paperless pay options

Caitlin Carter

As part of WKU’s transition to handling financial matters in paperless fashion, student employees will soon receive their paychecks via direct deposit.

Currently, students get refunds from the university through their Higher One accounts. Beginning on April 22, more payroll options — all paperless — will be available to student employees through the same account, according to an email from the payroll department.

WKU’s partnership with Higher One’s OneDisburse Payroll will provide students with electronic choices for payroll. These choices include direct deposit to their OneAccount or ACH transfer to an existing bank account.

Chief Financial Officer Jim Cummings said paper checks will no longer be provided. But now students will be able to utilize OneDisburse Payroll options as with their OneAccount.

“Students will have the same options of where they want to receive their paycheck, just as they do for their residual payment,” Cummings said.

Cummings said the method students choose to receive their paycheck can be different than the method they choose to receive their residual check.

“For example, many students may have their residual money going to a parent’s checking account but will opt to have their payroll payment going to their own,” Cummings said. “It’s very flexible.”

Since Higher One’s implementation, Cummings said he has heard many positive reviews of Higher One from students. He believes OneDisburse Payroll will also be well-received.

“SGA and its representatives have been very supportive of this and have promoted this as well,” Cummings said.

Kevin Cruz, a sophomore from Miami, Fla., said that while some students may enjoy direct deposit, he doesn’t.

“I prefer picking my paycheck up by hand and knowing how much I have at that exact moment,” said Cruz, who works in the Mass Media and Technology computer lab.

He said the option to have the paycheck deposited in a different account than Higher One is a good feature. But Cruz doesn’t like taking an extra step filling out paperwork.

“It’s just extra hassle,” he said.

Aaron Poach, campus relations coordinator for Higher One, said numerous universities that are partnered with Higher One have begun utilizing OneDisburse Payroll recently.

He said the option is available to any university affiliated with the company.

While students that utilize the option have been very happy with the results of OneDisburse Payroll, Poach said that the universities are also reaping benefits.

“It is a seamless and faster and safer transaction for students,” Poach said. “But it also saves a lot of time and effort for university administrators.”