LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Circus coverage was lacking

Jennifer O'Connor

Given all that has come to light recently about the abysmal treatment of animals at the hands of the Ringling Bros. Circus, it’s odd that your March 29 article “Lions, tigers and elephants in Diddle, oh my,” didn’t mention a single word about it.

There are volumes of documentation available, including recent photographic evidence about Ringling in which baby elephants are ripped from their frantic mothers, tied down with ropes by all four legs, threatened with

bull hooks and shocked with electric prods to break their spirits and make them perform tricks. Students can see the shocking photos at www.ringlingbeatsanimals.com.

Government reports detail the circus repeatedly being cited for failing to provide veterinary care, causing trauma and physical harm, unsafe handling of dangerous animals, and failure to provide adequate care in transit.

Printing promotional pieces about the circus but failing to even mention this newsworthy issue is compromising students’ right to know all sides of this controversial issue.

Jennifer O’Connor

Staff Writer, PETA Foundation